The 2019 Blog Update

Over a year has passed since the last blog post and I’ve just remembered this blog exists. What a time to make a new meta entry…

Not much has happened since the last post, at least when it comes to events related to this blog. Nothing 2018 didn’t happen, neither did Nothing 2019 and the same fate awaits Nothing 2020. However, at some point in time between now and the previous post, the VPS serving the original blog at silently went down without me noticing anything.

The New Blog

Rebuilding the original setup would be too much of a hassle at this point as I don’t have a spare VPS ready, so I wrote a script to copy the generated HTML files to the FTP server provided by my web hosting behind the base domain.

Other than switching from Git to simple FTP file transfer, nothing changed with the blog - I still use the same old design derived from BMFW as I still haven’t found anything easier to navigate and read and the blog still consists purely of static HTML pages with 120 bytes of CSS each.


I intend to post more often (exactly as when I was writing the previous post…). I’d like to recommend you to check this blog for new content from time to time, but I won’t as I know there are zero readers of this blog at the time of writing / posting. If you read this and you aren’t me, chances are some newer post brought you here, which means the trend of increasing time gap between posts (with n=3) hasn’t held (or I somehow managed to stay alive for over four centuries).

Anyway, the projects I expect to write about shortly include MLang (see, I avoided the troubled name Nothing) - a simple ASM-like language meant to be easily usable as both interpreted and compiled language - and Mgine Alpha - an OpenGL renderer / primitive game engine.

Stay tuned for updates