Purpose of This Blog

There are a few questions that have been bugging me for a while now: why am I writing this blog? Who will ever read it? Why would anyone ever read it?

Let me start with a quick note here: this post is going to be published within days from the first one, but Pet Language was stashed for a few months (I kinda ran out of free time) whereas this post is fresh. So no, those questions weren't bugging me for a few days, but for a few months. I even had another post regarding these questions ready, but it was too chaotic, so I deemed it unworthy and deleted it.

Let's start with the easiest one: why am I writing this. Well, the initial push was to get my thoughts about Cruncher/N5 out, read them and make sure they make sense. Its purpose was to document the important decisions I made and the reasoning behind them. It didn't take me long to decide on the format I want to write in - Markdown is simple and has all the features I could ever need, plus it's easy to write by hand in terminal editor like Vim.

A Bit of History

After writing major part of the Pet Language, I realized it probably wouldn't be hard to adapt this format to a simple blog or personal knowledge database. A swift look back at pet-language.md ruled out the knowledge database, as it really wasn't something what would fit well in such place, so I knew I was going for a blog.

The next part was making tools to let me concentrate on writing posts instead of managing them. I ended up with a simple Bash script called blog that would let me do everything I could need: blog edit postname opens ~/Blog/MD/postname.md in Vim, blog export postname creates PDF and HTML files from the original Markdown post, blog preview postname opens the PDF variant in a PDF reader and blog publish postname updates index.html with the new post and pushes changes to the server. Simple.

Up to this point, it was a simple evolution of the original script, adding new features as I discovered my needs, but with the publish command, I suddenly "had to" publish it somewhere. As always, I took the path of least resistance and set up a Git repository and webserver on one of my less used VPS servers. The publish command just commits the new change and runs git push. Done.

Target Audience

Moving on to the other questions: who will read this and why would they do that. So... I really don't know who are you, the reader, but I have some clues.

First: you probably are technically inclined, as I don't expect myself to ever write about anything unrelated to computers or electronic devices, so there is little motivation for people not interested in such things to read my posts.

Second: even if you discovered this blog by pure accident, it's unlikely this is the first post you see - some other post was probably useful to you and you want more, and I would be happy if that was the case, as that would mean I helped someone. Another reason you are coming for more might be that you find my posts to be ridiculously low quality and come to laugh at them. That's still OK, at least you're having fun.

Third: if you are coming back for more information, it means you find my blog more useful / convenient than plain old Google search. That would be an honor in itself.

And that's about it, I don't know much about you. But even then, I hope you find what you're looking for here and make some use of whatever I write in the years to come. Bye.